Thinking back… part one

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In my last two -short- blog posts, I want to look back at the TELL Design Assignment and my replacement task for the iXperium iXprience I wasn’t able to attend.

Let’s begin by briefly evaluating the process of creating the TELL Design Assignment. We had decided on the ‘category’ vocabulary before we chose the tool FlipQuiz. Creating the a FlipQuiz was (and is) fairly easy; the site is very structured, neat and ‘guides’ the visitor in the process of actually creating a FlipQuiz. I wasn’t able to use the FlipQuiz we’ve created, as I don’t have a school placement currently. However, I believe Anna did use the FlipQuiz at her school placement. As for me, I would definitely love to use FlipQuiz during next school placements.

What I really like about FilpQuiz, from a student teacher’s perspective, is that a FlipQuiz is not only easy to create and edit, but a FlipQuiz can be used more than one time only (and in different classes). It’s totally different from the ‘traditional’ test review games, which often involve pen and paper. Aside from that, FlipQuiz is a very engaging/fun tool for students since it enables students to work together in a competitive (but relaxed) setting. Additionally, I believe that using FlipQuiz for a subject like literature (or more ‘cultural’ subjects), can be very beneficial for both students and teacher.

All in all, the TELL Design Assignment was a very positive experience. I’ve learned more about TPACK and the other models. Additionally, we worked together as a group; we’ve all done our part and created a nice vocabulary exercise.



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