Think back… part two

In this last short blog post I’ll discuss my replacement task. Since I wasn’t able to attend the iXperium iXprience, I’ve created a lesson (plan) in which students work together for a subject (literature) using technology. I’ve included multiple tools/websites into the lesson: Google Drive, PowerPoint, Autodraw & Mindmeister.

Since I wanted to include a mindmap into the lesson/assignment, but didn’t want the students to use PowerPoint for actually creating the mindmap, I went on a quest for a suitable tool/website. And when I came across, I thought it to be a suitable tool/website for students. A big plus is that the students can actually work together on the mindmap without being near each other; at the same time if they want to. Additionally, the site is very neat and structured which makes it a easy tool/website for students to use.

For the timeline I’ve included the tools PowerPoint (see my other blog post) and Autodraw. I had never heard of Autodraw before actually creating this lesson. Autodraw is the latest version of Paint and is extremely easy to use. It’s a clear, no-nonsense tool/website. I believe this is very important; a website/tool has to be clear and structured. You don’t want students wasting a lot of time on figuring out how the website/tool works.

Then there’s Google Drive. I’ve included a part into my lesson in which I recommend the use of this tool (so it’s not compulsory). One advantage of Google Drive is that you can just upload your file; there won’t be any hassle about files that are too big. Another advantage is that everyone from the group can enter the Google Drive and see/edit the assignment.

So all in all, I’ve come across a few tools I didn’t know existed through the replacement task. And, on another note: I did like this course! It’s always fun to be creative when it comes to creating lesson plans and applying certain technological tools in the lesson. Additionally, I believe it was a useful course! TPACK was briefly discussed during Onderwijskunde, but it’s easier to understand the concepts/models when you go into detail about it. It really brought something to the table!


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